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About Us
From The Supeintendent Desk:
I am glad to meet everyone through this website. Industrial/Skill Education is the backbone of every nation and is the stepping stone for a country to move into the niche of a developed nation. We are able to focus on the needs of each individual trainee and our ultimate aim is to nurture him/her to become a skilled youth. We focus on discovering, developing and luster out the hidden talents as well as the magic lying dormant inside all of our trainees. Hardworking spirit are entrenched in the heart of every trainee not only making them skilled personnel but also make a confidence among them that everybody of them can became as a good entrepreneur.

“Service to Human being is Service to God”

I am very happy with the training progress of my ITI. I am optimistically assuring we will continue this journey with elevated enthusiasm and persistently provide a platform of holistic learning to the young generation of skill learners.. We spare much more efforts to make the training exposure of our students meaningful and relevant to the present scenario so that make our youth to face the global challenges in future by leading the society from the front, while ensuring that they are enjoying good experience of skill learning.

Competent team of trainers of my institute strive to focus on each and every trainee by demonstrating various Attitude, Skill, and Knowledge(ASK) as well as mentor them to became a successful entrepreneur in future.
To inculcate technological skills amongst youth to empower them for gainful employment through technical & vocational education; and to enhance productivity of formal & non-formal sector of economy by having close interaction with industry. We at Govt I.T.I Doda will impart futuristic Skill Development and install high patterns of discipline through our dedicated staff who shall get global standards, making our students technologically superior and ethically strong who in turn shall improve the quality of life of the human race”.
• To offer skilled education to cater to the needs of the industry and society.
• To mould our students to be disciplined, competent and socially responsible skilled workers who will be assets to our nation’s human resource pool.
• To provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and adopt latest methodologies for improving the caliber of the students and staff.
• To establish, maintain and continuously improve our Quality Management System.
• To create feedback mechanism about our performance and emerging trends in industry.
• To provide maximum outlets for expressing the latent talents of our students.
Training & Placement:
The purpose of this Placement Department is to deliver employment related services to the ITI students. One room with proper infrastructure has been allocated for this Department in our ITI. Newspapers, magazines and books have been made available in this Department which can be helpful to the ITI trainees to get employment information. Computer and internet facility has also been provided to this Department. So that student can access employment information by precooking the computers. Training & Placement endeavors to be a bridge between the Employers and the employee. Training & Placement is functional at this Institute since 2000. Training & Placement assist the students to plan their career, help in job searching, give career counseling, organize campus interviews, provides passed out trainees data to the Industries who want to conduct Interviews at their premises, Provides details of the job opening appearing in news papers and magazines and help the students get jobs as soon as they pass-out of the ITI.
Admission & Examination:
Admissions are done in the month of July in every year and purely on the merit basis. The admission notice is given in leading newspapers in the month of June and online applications are invited via Directorates or Institiutes website. CBT exams are conducted for each trade on yearly basis by DGT New Delhi for NCVT trades and by controller BOTE J&K for SCVT trades.
Staff Information:
Manpower (Technical & Non-Technical)
S.No Name Designation Date of joining Date of birth Qualifications Experience Photograph
1 Er. Naresh Singh Superintendent/Head of Institute - - - -
2 - Group Instructor/Supervisor - - - - -
Technical staff
S.No Name Designation Date of joining Date of birth Qualifications Experience Photograph
1 Sh. Balwant Singh Vocational Instructor Plumber 11/8/1985 4/1/1964 ITI:- 1983 S.No 266983 and 1331 ROD 1993 cert. No. 1331 34 Years
2 Sh. Raiees Ahmad Vocational Instructor COPA 10/10/2011 6/28/1986 BCA cert. No. 500111 MCA cert. No. 007325 CTI cert. No. CI170301824 10 Years
3 Sh. Manjeet Singh Vocational Instructor Welder 4/10/2017 5/1/1985 ITI:630 passing year 2009 05 Years
4 Sh. Mohd Iqbal Vocational Instructor Electrician 2/10/1988 3/10/1968 ITI:- 001151 passing Year 2006 31 Years
5 Sh. Saifullah Matto Drawing Instructor Drawing 3/2/2019 9/14/1989 03 Year Diploma in Electrical Cert. No. 4058-2011 2.5 Years
6 Sh. Mohd Shafi Naik Vocational Instructor Welder 8/23/1988 4/10/1962 ITI 1987 cert. No. 139547 CTI 2006 cert. No. 02835 31 Years
7 Sh. Chaman Lal - Workshop Attendant 2/21/1985 1/1/1964 ITI 1986 cert. No. 138336 34 Years
8 Sh. Mohd Shafi - Workshop Attendant 1/7/2002 3/9/1968 - 17 Years
Technical staff working on Academic Arrangement/Guest Faculty
S.No Name Designation Date of joining Date of birth Qualifications Experience Photograph
1 Sh. Sajid Asgar I&CTSM Instructor 2009 - BCA - -
2 Sh. Syed Yasir Draughtsman Civil Instructor 2010 - 03 Years Diploma in civil and 02 years diploma in Draughtsman - -
3 Sh. Nasir Iqbal Tourist Guide Instructor 2016 - MTM/BTM/ 03 years Diploma in Tourism - -
4 Shareena Aftab Stenography Instructor 2020 - ITI NTC in Sewing Technology - -
5 Shahida Banoo Sewing Technology Instrucor 2020 - ITI NTC in Sewing Technology - -
Administrative and supporting staff
S.No Name Designation Date of joining Date of birth Qualifications Experience Photograph
1 - Head Assistant - - - - -
2 - Senior Assistant - - - - -
3 Zahir Abbas Junior Assistant 4/10/2012 12/23/1989 12th- S.No 08AJTP-836829-Year 2008 B.A=32545838 09 years
4 Surinder Singh Junior Assistant 1/28/1995 4/10/1964 - 26 years
5 - Medical Assistant - - - - -
6 - Night Chowkidar - - - - -
7 - Hostel Cook - - - - -
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